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If you are coming to any of our gardening or Abundance harvesting events, please read the instructions below

1. Read the Safety guidance below

2. Bring your own gardening gloves, and a mask.

3. Wash your hands before you set off for an event and again when you return home.

For our records we will also register who attends and take contact details.

Edible York: Information for volunteers.

Thanks for offering to help with Edible York’s Abundance work.

We have made some changes this harvest due to the pandemic. Please read the following safety instructions before you come to your first session.

We ask you provide an email address and postcode or ward, for our records, and this will only be used in connection with you being a volunteer, and not give out to anyone externally.

Edible York has a health and safety policy and a volunteers policy on our website, please ask (or check our website) if you would like to see copies of these.

Best wishes

The trustees of Edible York.



Abundance and Edible York Volunteering during COVID-19



All volunteers must be given a workplace instruction by an Edible York Trustee or Abundance Supervisor.  This can be done remotely with the workplace instruction being sent by email or on social media and the volunteer confirming they have read, understood and will adhere to the guidance by reply. All volunteers will be given a copy of the workplace instruction, electronically where possible and paper copies will be available at the pick.

 Workplace Instructions are needed to assist in the delivery of good Health & Safety practice. Safety instructions are periodically reviewed and may need to be amended as and when required. Volunteers are encouraged to raise any questions or concerns with the process as and when they arise.



  • Reduce the number of people in attendance, employ 2 metre social distancing where possible and where not, masks or face coverings should be worn and 1 metre distancing maintained. (Events are outdoors).
  • No more than 6 people to attend any gardening, harvesting or picking event at the same time.



  •  Volunteers to follow current social distancing guidance at all times. *(Aug 2020: 2m where possible, 1m with a mask or face covering if not possible)
  • The Abundance Supervisor to plan and issue work to minimise contact between volunteers and also between volunteers and members of the public (and householders if applicable).
  • Assess work task activities, and where it is not possible to maintain current social distancing guidance between volunteers and/or the public /householder do not complete the task.
  • Where more than one volunteer is on site, particular care should be taken around the tools and when packing up, to ensure social distancing is maintained.



  • Group size of 6 people maximum, including any organiser/leaders.
  • Plan appropriate tasks and work area to allow social distancing to be maintained given the group size.
  • One volunteer to get the tools out the car or bike tool store and leave in a wider area for others to collect.
  • If not in a private garden, consider closing off the work area to the public to ensure social distancing can be maintained.
  • Volunteers are not to share cars unless in same household or bubble.



  • Gardening volunteers are advised to bring their own clean gardening gloves, although we carry a small supply. They can be helpful for apple picking as we may have to clear windfalls and there are sometimes wasps.
  • For volunteers starting and finishing their task from home please wash your hands as soon as you get in.
  • For volunteers starting or finishing on a site with washing facilities, please wash your hands at the end of your task, or use the alcohol gel provided.



Before volunteering please ask yourself the following questions.

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then please don’t volunteer at this time.


  • Do not volunteer if you feel unwell.
  • Frequently wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 seconds
  • Use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water is not available
  • Wash your hands as soon as possible after you finish your task.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your elbow (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze
  • Put used tissues in your pocket/bag immediately and wash/sanitise your hands afterwards
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean.
  • Those who develop any symptoms whilst out will need to go home straight away.
  • Any concerns or incidents must be reported to the Abundance Supervisor


  • All volunteers should bring their own refreshments with them if required. Breaks should follow guidelines on numbers and volunteers must remain outdoors where there is more than one individual or household present.
  • All rubbish should be put straight your pocket / bag and taken home




View Safety Instruction as Word Document: 

PDFFileIcon64COVID-19 Volunteering WPI groups of 6 II (Edible York) V3c

Volunteering Policy:

PDFFileIcon64EY Volunteer Policy

Health and Safety Policy

PDFFileIcon64EY H & S policy

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Edible Map

At Edible York, we’re working with the community to provide every local and organic food growing opportunity available. This also includes highlighting and pointing out areas where wild produce is already ripe for picking and areas which are ideal for foraging for delicious natural treats.

There is a world of goodness outside your home and with a simple look at our Edible Map; you’ll soon see the vast array of naturally growing wild produce just waiting to be enjoyed. In addition to mapping out all the public food growing space that are known of across the York area, Abundance, York’s urban harvesting group is also hoping to collect details of private fruit and vegetable sources. The map itself shows only publicly available areas.

Across York, the Edible Map highlights a vast array of wild fruit trees, ready for their fruit to be harvested and enjoyed, without a polythene bag in sight. From sweet chestnuts to wild apples and damsons to blackberries, the fruit available across York may surprise some people, who weren’t previously aware of the extent of wild, natural produce available. The Edible Map is collated by members of the Edible York team but also accepts submissions from readers who have spotted something interesting.

As well as fruit trees and bushes, plucky foragers have spotted many naturally occurring herbs and spices amongst the hedgerows of the area. The map shows sites growing of garlic mustard, horseradish and even edible roses. With the vast array of natural produce growing, our work at Edible York can only serve to help the community build up from this great starting point and further develop the sustainable food sources in the area.