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Edible York Privacy and Data Protection 

Privacy Statement

At Edible York we only collect such personal information as is needed for our work to be effective. This enables us to keep all interested parties up to date about our events and achievements.  As a charity, Edible York must also demonstrate that it can be trusted with money given and we keep data about donations in line with legal requirements. 

Edible York does not pass on personal information to other people or organisations except in specific cases such as for Gift Aid refunds. As with other charities, exceptional circumstances may require relevant authorities to examine Edible York's records.

To receive information direct from Edible York an individual opts in to receive it.  The individual can withdraw their consent at any time, and communication will cease.

Edible York makes every effort to keep personal information secure.

The Trustees meet regularly, and undertake to review the policy and procedures about privacy annually.


The fuller Privacy Notice follows below

Privacy Notice

Edible York has drafted this policy to clarify our position on data we hold, and make clear that we respect your data. Any personal data we hold is protected, never shared or sold unnecessarily, and we uphold the principle that personal data belongs to the individual concerned.

Edible York is a registered charity with a committee of trustees. One trustee is appointed to be the Data Controller, and will lead on data protection and privacy issues.

Edible York is run by a committee of trustees, all of whom are also members of Edible York.  As well as having members, some individuals and organisations support Edible York without being members, such as involvement in garden maintenance or organising events.

Edible York as a charity, holds collects personal information from members, donors and other interested parties in order for our work to be effective.

 1. Reasons for keeping data:

- To fulfil legal and constitutional requirements for running a charity.

- To keep all who support Edible York informed and up to date, through newsletters and invitations to events such as seed swaps.

- To ensure sound financial practice regarding donations to Edible York.

 2. Types of data kept:

3. Storage of information

Edible York trustees take on specific officer roles – treasurer, secretary etc.  There are procedures allocated to each role and data protection is included there.  As Edible York does not have a dedicated office and equipment trustees use their own homes, IT equipment and phones.

Data is stored securely online or in password protected files, and paper documents are stored securely by the officer concerned.  Officers are informed about how to minimise the risk of loss of hardware such as laptops and data sticks.

The information that Edible York stores is not believed to fall in to the category of ‘sensitive’.

Anyone providing data to Edible York has the contact details to use if they want to either check what is held about them or to alter or withdraw data retained.

Edible York does not pass information on to other people or bodies unless it is a legal requirement to do so.

4. Consent to receiving communications from Edible York

For individuals to receive a newsletter, updates and invitations to events they must consent to receive them. Normally communication would be by email.

Consent can be withdrawn at any time by emailing Edible York or writing to the official address.

Members cannot opt out of receiving notices of General Meetings. (Due to charity regulations).

5. Security of data

The personal information that Edible York stores is kept in password-protected computer files and stored securely when in paper format. Edible York never passes such information on to third parties for publicity or fundraising purposes. Anyone can ask to stop hearing from Edible York (except for members’ notices about general meetings etc), and may ask for data to be deleted (apart from that legally required).

6. Accuracy of data

Edible York makes every effort to store information exactly as given by the individual, and to keep it updated in a timely manner.  Anyone whose data is stored by Edible York may ask to be told what information is held by them. Edible York will carry this out within one month.

 7. Removal of data

Some data cannot be deleted because it must be kept for legal reasons. Apart from this, anyone who has provided data may ask for it to be removed. Edible York will carry this out within one month. This upholds the ‘right to be forgotten’.

 Where consent has been given to receive newsletters and invitations Edible York assumes this to last indefinitely unless told otherwise.

8. Data breaches

Edible York takes the safeguarding of data very seriously, and acts to protect data from loss whether by accident or criminal activity.  If a breach occurs, where data is accessed or could be accessed by a party not allowed access, The Data Controller, on behalf of Edible York, will report the incident as required by the General Data Protection Regulations, within 72 hours. The breach will also be reported to the Charity Commission if it may be classed as a significant incident.


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Edible Map

At Edible York, we’re working with the community to provide every local and organic food growing opportunity available. This also includes highlighting and pointing out areas where wild produce is already ripe for picking and areas which are ideal for foraging for delicious natural treats.

There is a world of goodness outside your home and with a simple look at our Edible Map; you’ll soon see the vast array of naturally growing wild produce just waiting to be enjoyed. In addition to mapping out all the public food growing space that are known of across the York area, Abundance, York’s urban harvesting group is also hoping to collect details of private fruit and vegetable sources. The map itself shows only publicly available areas.

Across York, the Edible Map highlights a vast array of wild fruit trees, ready for their fruit to be harvested and enjoyed, without a polythene bag in sight. From sweet chestnuts to wild apples and damsons to blackberries, the fruit available across York may surprise some people, who weren’t previously aware of the extent of wild, natural produce available. The Edible Map is collated by members of the Edible York team but also accepts submissions from readers who have spotted something interesting.

As well as fruit trees and bushes, plucky foragers have spotted many naturally occurring herbs and spices amongst the hedgerows of the area. The map shows sites growing of garlic mustard, horseradish and even edible roses. With the vast array of natural produce growing, our work at Edible York can only serve to help the community build up from this great starting point and further develop the sustainable food sources in the area.