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Community Growing

Edible York has supported lots of people to set up edible growing spaces in their neighbourhoods. These edible gardens are managed by the local community, for the local community. They are great community assets which enable people to share skills, share food and share good times.

Edible York can help communities to create edible growing spaces in their neighbourhoods by: advising on appropriate land, insurance, management; planting; helping to put you in contact with the landowner; providing seedlings to get you started; inviting you to networking events to share ideas with other community growers.


Greenfields is a school and community garden project. Come and get involved. You can find us at YO31 8LA. It's not just gardening!

In 2011 it started to turn into an orchard, and a nature-friendly fruit & veg space. Regular sessions on alternate Sat and Sundays throughout summer, as well as some evenings, plus many other events.

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Clifton Parish Church

The Clifton Edible Garden is at YO30 6BH (in front of Clifton Parish Church at the corner of Clifton Green). It can be reached from the centre of York by cycling straight out the A19 or getting the Rawcliffe Bar Park & Ride (No 2), getting off at Clifton Green (opposite the Old Grey Mare).

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Holgate Community Garden

Community edible garden started in March 2014 on Council-owned land.

There are more than 20 households in the neighbourhood actively involved in the project.  Volunteering occurs on an ad hoc basis and with occasional organised volunteer parties.

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Lidgett Grove Community Garden

Lidgett Grove community gardens have a number of raised beds in front of the Lidgett Grove Methodist Church on Wheatlands Road.

Find us at 60 Wheatlands Grove, York YO26 5NH

We are looking for more people to help grow cook and eat. Everyone welcome to come and help out!

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Red Tower

The Red Tower Project is one of the newest editions to the Edible gardens in York. Started in March 2015 with a planting session with seeds, peas and tomatoes & where people took a pot home. This was all part of the push by 'TIM in York' to bring the Red Tower back into public use. The volunteers constructed the raised bed here in April 2015, and spent a few weeks collecting soil and compost before planting out the seedlings in early May. It is amazing how fast the plants grow it this time of year!

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Route 66 Community Garden

The Route 66 Community Garden grows fruit trees & fruit bushes for all passersby to enjoy, and has a wildflower area to encourage diverse wildlife. The garden is easy to reach on the Sustrans Route 66 Cycle Path, between Haxby and Huntingdon Road. 

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St Clements "The Nose"

Planet South Bank worked with St Clements Church and Edible York to transform land at the church on Scarcroft Road.

The Community Garden (‘The Nose’) have gardening dates on alternate Sundays from 2 – 3 pm from end Feb-October

Do join us - all welcome – no gardening skill needed! A great way to relax and meet other local people. (email: info or just turn up!)

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Brailsford Crescent

*Not currently active* - After 5 years of community growing Brailsford Community Garden finished in October 2016.  To celebrate its achievements local residents and Edible York had a small gathering to mark this event.  Over the five years Brailford has had good crops of vegetables and local children have enjoyed planting. Several fruit bushes and a herb spiral bed have been very abundant over the years, these plants will continue to grow at Brailsford Crescent and leave edible plants there for the community to enjoy.

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Edible Map

At Edible York, we’re working with the community to provide every local and organic food growing opportunity available. This also includes highlighting and pointing out areas where wild produce is already ripe for picking and areas which are ideal for foraging for delicious natural treats.

There is a world of goodness outside your home and with a simple look at our Edible Map; you’ll soon see the vast array of naturally growing wild produce just waiting to be enjoyed. In addition to mapping out all the public food growing space that are known of across the York area, Abundance, York’s urban harvesting group is also hoping to collect details of private fruit and vegetable sources. The map itself shows only publicly available areas.

Across York, the Edible Map highlights a vast array of wild fruit trees, ready for their fruit to be harvested and enjoyed, without a polythene bag in sight. From sweet chestnuts to wild apples and damsons to blackberries, the fruit available across York may surprise some people, who weren’t previously aware of the extent of wild, natural produce available. The Edible Map is collated by members of the Edible York team but also accepts submissions from readers who have spotted something interesting.

As well as fruit trees and bushes, plucky foragers have spotted many naturally occurring herbs and spices amongst the hedgerows of the area. The map shows sites growing of garlic mustard, horseradish and even edible roses. With the vast array of natural produce growing, our work at Edible York can only serve to help the community build up from this great starting point and further develop the sustainable food sources in the area.